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Lawn Mowing in Vacy, Paterson & Gresford

Looking for lawn mowing in Vacy? Perhaps your garden is overgrown? Your firewood pile dwindling? Or those unfinished odd jobs around the house are driving you nuts?

Nobody has time these days—and why should you, spending time with your family is more important, after all! Message us for all things lawn, garden and household maintenance, so you can spend your free time doing the things you love instead.

GF Mowing & Rural Services is owned and operated by Gordon Fitness.

Gordon is a lifetime local, growing up on a farm at Martins Creek, which he continues to work today. Gordon lived, worked and raised his children in Dungog, then returned to Vacy in 2015.

He offers lawn mowing in Vacy and surround villages. 


Gordon has been working in rural services, trades and maintenance for much of his working life.

Jobs Large and Small

Whether you have a 1/4 acre block or 15 acres to mow, Gordon will get your property looking A1.

Workmanship Quality

As a local, Gordon has to show his face around town - so he'll be sure to deliver quality work.

Affordable Package

As a local, the fees aren't jacked up to include travel time. No travel fees within 15km radius of Vacy.

Flexible Schedule

Thing happen (like rain). Gordon is able to provide services at a time that suits you.

Firewood That Burns

Don't buy a bag of green wood from the servo. Our timber is felled and dried months before delivery.

Vacy • Gresford • Paterson • Martins Creek • Wallarobba • Hilldale • Duns Creek

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